Apologies but I am not taking on any new commissions for the foreseeable future

What I offer
I am a Berkshire-based author's mentor near Reading and close to Basingstoke. I enjoy working with fledgling authors of books intended for print or digital format (i.e. for sale online via Amazon), including those looking to self-publish. There is a distinct difference between the types of services offered by proofreaders and editors. Proofreading ensures correct grammar, punctuation and basic clarity, but copy editing (that is, text or book editing) takes it a considerable step further. For example, I may suggest changes to paragraph length, as well as the construction, organisation and sometimes the order of sentences and paragraphs, to aid the clarity, impact and flow of the piece. And that's just the start.

My fee is based on the word count of your manuscript - I charge by the number of words you've written, not by the hour - and includes two full passes of your work and email contact between us for feedback on suggested edits or to clarify the intended meaning of a particular phrase or section.
Contact me for details of my fees.

I include a mentoring service by email, providing comments that may be helpful. This goes beyond the mechanics of writing to include a deeper level of editing and reorganisation of the work to aid flow, clarity, impact, consistency and overall readability. If requested, I will happily give my thoughts on alternatives to the way in which the work begins, builds and ends. It's about having someone independent to bounce ideas to and fro, as well as tackle the 'nuts and bolts' of it.

Please note that I do not take on commercial editing work such as proofreading a thesis, company report, press release or company brochure.

How long will it take?

Book editing is something I enjoy and is a large part but not the only thing that I do. One reason for my word rate being relatively low, apart from trying to be realistic in helping new authors, is because I will take longer than a full-time editor doing the job to the same standard. I'm open and honest with clients on this, since I wouldn't wish either party to become stressed over misunderstood deadlines. I cannot provide a fast turnaround. I allocate three days a week to editing work, and thus a 60,000 to 80,000 word book will require around eight to ten weeks to complete, dependant on the complexity and quality of the original manuscript.


  • I ask for an advance payment, usually 50% of the total edit, with the balance on completion. However, you may prefer to send a few chapters at a time, and in such cases the advance would be the full amount based on the number of words in those chapters.
  • I prefer payments to be made by Bank Transfer (BACS).
  • I am no longer VAT registered, so there's no sales tax to add.
  • Just to be clear, I do not ask for any earnings from future sales or to be credited by you in any way. What we agree is what you pay, nothing hidden, nothing extra unless by separate agreement.

'Manuscript to Book' service

It can be hugely rewarding to have your own novel or biography sitting proudly on a bookshelf, something of you that you leave for future generations. With printing companies now able to produce short runs of high quality hardback books, as low as a single copy, I am able to offer a manuscript to book service. I can take your manuscript, in whatever format you have it in, proofread and edit as required, and then handle the page layout, add your cover design and process the order so that you receive it as a beautifully bound hardback book. Further copies can easily be ordered at any time.