Apologies but I am not taking on any new commissions for the foreseeable future

Helping you to 'put it out there'
Whether as an income or purely for pleasure, writing can be hugely rewarding, but on occasions equally frustrating. There will be times when a mentoring editor gives you the confidence to keep going, while having your work professionally proofread and edited will help you to avoid mistakes that you'd otherwise read through countless times. My name is Kevin O'Byrne. Living near Reading in Berkshire, I offer a proofreading, copy-editing and book editing service aimed at the fledgling author, including those looking to self publish. I take care to preserve the author's own writing style and personality.

  • My fee is based on the number of words you've written and includes two full passes of your work and as much email contact as necessary between us to clarify anything in your manuscript, or to get your feedback on my suggested edits as the work progresses.
  • I accept manuscripts in most word processor formats. Unless otherwise agreed, it will be returned as a Microsoft Word file. Suggested amendments will be marked up using MS Word's 'Track Changes' feature, allowing you to easily accept or decline edits, one by one, with a click of the mouse.
  • Notes will be added within the manuscript using MS Word's 'Comments' function. I add detailed notes giving the reason for suggested amendments where it may not be obvious.

Client Testimonials

Proofreading, manuscript editing & author mentoring

A friendly mentoring service working with writers and authors of books intended for print or publication in digital format. My personal approach makes it ideal for novice and self publishing authors.

I provide a proofreading and editing service for writers of fiction and non-fiction. Based in Berkshire but having worked with authors from across the UK, I provide a variety of services, from professionally edited manuscripts to beautifully presented hardback copies of your book to give to family, friends or an agent - or to proudly keep for yourself.

Isn't it time you told your story?

Digital online publishers such as Amazon make it so much more affordable to publish your own book and have it admired on a global scale, but I've also worked with writers who simply wanted a copy of their book in their hands, professionally printed and bound. Thanks to advances in printing even just a single book in outstanding quality, I'm able to provide a full 'manuscript to book' service and take pleasure in helping to fulfill a dream. I work with your story and return a version that retains the essential character of your own writing, while 'untangling' the parts that need it.

It's Your story, Your book & I want it to stay that way

You've had the idea in your head for ages - it's time to write that first book. But after you've had it edited, you'd still want to recognise it as your own work, right?

I can't promise to turn you into the next best-selling author - that will very much depend on your own ability. My aim is never to rewrite your book, because then it wouldn't be your book! When you read my edited copy, I want you to recognise it as your own work, just nicely polished, and we'll work together to achieve that balance. Go here for more details on the service I offer.