Testimonials from some of my clients

I once read that, in order for a book to sell, there
are 5 absolute musts the author
should ensure they do:

  • 1. Set a good price
  • 2. Design a good cover with a good title
  • 3. Write good content
  • 4. Write a good blurb
  • 5. Get it professionally edited and proofread
The latter is where Kevin came in. His attention to detail and meticulous proofreading and editing skills are without a doubt second to none. He exceeded my expectations from the word go, right through to the second pass and beyond. I can't recommend him enough, and would not hesitate to use his services again in the future. Thank you so much Kevin!
Andy Thompson (Andy Thompson's website)
Author, The Dark Side (2013), The Dark Side Part Two (2014), The Lighter Side (2015)

The quality of your work, and my respect for your critique, are of the highest order. You balance your work with that of becoming a good friend, in respect of your proof reading ability. I find myself comfortable when speaking to you; and that is most important when producing a story of such magnitude (as what I have wrote!).
Thank you friend, for that is what to me you have become, and long may your ability to serve others carry on. I know that it is not part of our agreement, but I will include your name, along with the illustrator, inside the book.
Colin Potts
Author, The Ringwood Tally (Dec 2012)

I would like to express my thanks for proof reading my autobiography of touring Germany in the mid 60's. You have done a great job and I am impressed that you could correct so many rude words. It will be published in Germany and then in the UK.
Mike Wells, drummer with 'The Twilights'
Author, Mike Wells - A 60's Drummer
Published in German and in English (2011) -- ISBN 978-0956925107


We feel you have given a sympathetic touch to our dad's novel - a true professional - we are very grateful.
Tina and Simon Jones, relating to the novel The World Erupts
by Bernard York Jones


Without you, my book would have been just a dream to fill my sleeping hours and daytime and little more. Your help was beyond any cost, and now my book nears its publication, and my dream nears its reality.
Jan Hastings (Jan Hastings' web pages)
Author, Kindness to Elaine
Published by Pen Press, April 2010 -- ISBN 978-1907172694