Aspiring Authors

Book Editor & Proofreader for Self Publishing Authors

I provide proofreading, copy-editing and a friendly mentoring service that's ideal for self publishing writers and authors of books in print and digital format, whether fiction or non-fiction, novels or biographies. Based in Berkshire Proofreading and text editing service for authorsbut having worked with authors from across the UK, I provide a variety of services for writers, from professionally edited manuscripts, to beautifully presented hardbound copies of your book to give to family members, friends or an agent - or to proudly keep for yourself.


You've had the idea in your head for ages - it's time to write that first book!

They say that everyone has at least one book in them and I'd agree, but not everyone has the confidence in their own writing ability to turn their idea into something they can proudly lend to family and friends to read, perhaps self-publish on Amazon or send to a publishing agent. That's where I come in. I will work with your story and return a version that retains the essential character of your own writing while 'untangling' the parts that need attention.
Proofreader and book editor in Hampshire
Writing can be as frustrating as it is rewarding. There will be times when a proofreader will give you the confidence to keep going and to 'put it out there'. After 20 years as a professional writer and editor in the world of magazine publishing, I was drawn to editing fiction and non-fiction and have found real pleasure in helping new and aspiring writers. Digital formats such as Amazon's Kindle make it so much more affordable to publish your own book and have it read, reviewed and admired on a global scale. Equally, I have clients who simply wanted to have a copy of their book in their hands, professionally printed and bound. Thanks to advances in printing very small numbers of books - even a single book - in outstanding quality, I'm able to provide a full 'manuscript to book' service and take great pleasure in helping to fulfill a writer's or family member's dream.

I don't promise to turn you into the next best-selling author - that will depend very much on your own ability as a story-teller. My aim is never to rewrite your book, because then it wouldn't be your book! When you read my edited copy, I want you to recognise it as your own work, just nicely polished, and we'll work together to acheive that balance. For more details on the services I offer, click the 'My Rates' tab.


The working relationships I develop with writers makes the job truly enjoyable....
"You balance your work with that of becoming a good friend... I find myself comfortable when speaking to you; and that is most important when producing a story of such magnitude {as what I have wrote!}.Thank you friend, for that is what to me you have become."

Colin Potts (Author, The Ringwood Tally - Dec 2012)